Go Green

AT&T Charter Services Inc. is focused on sustainability as a long-term strategy, fully integrating green (environmental) efforts into our daily business approach. Here is a specific list of meaningful practices we apply to keeping things green:

ATT Charter Bus Line Tours
  • Fleet has New Clean-Engine Technology.
  • Engines are Equipped with the New Mandatory Diesel Particulate Filters to Reduce Emissions
  • Fleet Utilizes LED Clearance Lights & Halogen Headlights
  • Coaches Run on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel at 15 PPM, Down from 500 PPM (Parts per Million), Cutting Emissions (black smoke) by 90% and the Oxides of Nitrogen
  • Emissions by 50%
  • Recycle All Aluminum and Plastic Containers from Office and Coach Tours
  • Return Used Motor Oil and Filters for Recycling as well as other Fluids
  • Reclaim All Refrigerant when Servicing Coach Air Conditioning Systems
  • Return Used Tires for Recycling
  • Oil/Water Separators to Protect our Waterways
  • Use a Chemical Toilet Dump Station that Processes All Waste
  • Manually Wash Coaches to Reduce Fresh Water Usage
  • Monitor Tire Air Pressure to Give Better Mileage
  • Recycle Cardboard and Waste Office Paper
What People Are Saying About Us
“As a REPEAT customer, so many times now I have lost count, I would definitely recommend this company. Love the New York City trips. They are VERY affordable and have added 2 more VERY LUXURIOUS buses!!!”
~ Superpages Review by Guest16098

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